State Property Tax Exemptions
Depending on the state you have property in you may be entitled to property tax exemptions on your home for being a disabled veteran or a surviving spouse of one. Most states use the level of VA awarded disability, some states use income, and others will consider disabilities even if they are not service connected. Hover over your state to learn more about the exemptions or click to learn more.

– 100% Disabled totally exempts property taxes

lightblue – 100% Disabled (w/ income or other stipulations) exempts property taxes

red – Exemptions available depending on various conditions

black – No State mandated exemptions available

State Education Benefits
Lots of states offer some kind of educational state benefit for it’s veterans, living dependents, and their survivors. Eligibility may require the veteran enlisted in that state and others may require you be a resident or have lived there for a period of time first. States colored green may also have dependent benefits as well. Most states offer National Guard educational benefits. Hover over your state to learn more or click for more information.

– State offers a form of free tuition for veterans

purple – State offers a form of free tuition to veterans awarded Purple Heart

lightblue – State offers a form of free tuition for dependents or survivors only

red – Only National Guard Benefits available

black – No known state education benefit available